interview tips

Interview several doulas if possible before choosing one. Think about what you want your doula to do for you. How will she fit in with the rest of your labor support team? Ask the doula how she sees her role at your birth.

ask before you meet

  • Are you available for my due date?
  • Do you serve clients in my geographical area/neighbourhood?

ask when you meet

  • What training have you had?
  • What specialized training have you had (e.g. breastfeeding, postpartum depression, etc)?
  • Are you certified?  If so, by what organization? (If a doula is certified, you might consider checking with the organization to verify.)
  • Do you have one or more backup doulas for times when you are not available?  May we meet or speak with the backup doula?
  • What is your fee?  What does your fee include?  What are your refund policies?
  • How often will you meet with us before and after the birth?

ask yourself

  • Do I feel comfortable around this person? Would I feel at ease spending a day or two in their company?
  • Does this person inspire confidence? Could I come to trust them? 
  • Does this doula make me feel that I am listened to? Do they communicate well?