Doula Speed-Dating

Meet Eight Doulas in One Hour!

At this time, we have no 2019 dates scheduled.

Join one of our regular Doula Speed-Dating Events.

It’s fun, it’s informational and it’s FREE!! But you have to pre-register.

The Speed Dating Event takes place three times a year. It is co-hosted by The Doulas of Victoria and the Midwives’ Collective.

Please Note:  When hiring a doula, it is the consumer's responsibility to check the doula's training, experience and/or certification.  The right to practice as a doula is not restricted by law, the way being a doctor or a midwife is.  Not all doulas are trained or certified but they may still be experienced and offer valuable support.  The Greater Victoria Doula Directory is not a partnership, it acts only as a source of information.  Each doula listed on this site is a sole proprietor.