Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding can be a beautiful experience for mother and child, but sometimes help is needed to get things off to the right start.  Having someone to provide support and answer your questions can be invaluable.

All birth and postpartum doulas are trained to provide breastfeeding support to new moms as part of their doula services, but the women listed on this page also provide support as a stand-alone service, outside their regular doula packages.  If you are seeking breastfeeding support, but do not require a doula, these women can help!

Eva Bild

Corinne Bargen

Pamela Bethel

Jessica Cherniak

Tamara Cleaver

Melissa Harris

Janice Miles

Avrael Perrault

Sarah Wauthy


* photo courtesy of Shealyn Jackson

Please Note:  When hiring a doula, it is the consumer's responsibility to check the doula's training, experience and/or certification.  The right to practice as a doula is not restricted by law, the way being a doctor or a midwife is.  Not all doulas are trained or certified but they may still be experienced and offer valuable support.  The Greater Victoria Doula Directory is not a partnership, it acts only as a source of information.  Each doula listed on this site is a sole proprietor.